Owning a summer cabin is like a dream get-away for those seeking a city break. BC residents begin planning the purchase long before summer. Statistics show that 69% of the BC residents prioritize the purchase of a summer cabin or a cottage over other properties. But have you ever wondered whether this is a prudent decision on your part, or is it pushing your financial limits to the max?

Would be buyers are drawn by the idea of having a serene place to go to when on a break but seldom do they realize that thoroughly researching the real estate market and their financial situation is the only way to peacefully purchase such properties.

For those looking for such properties, here is some advice:

Understand market trends and analyze your finances

Recreational properties are meant to do just that – provide a recreational get away from the stress of daily life. But before you make a decision, make sure that you understand that if you are buying at the peak of the market cycle, it’s going to be a risky deal. This essentially means that if the interest rates rise, there might be a situation when you will be forced to sell. With proper consulting and analyzing the market situation and your finances you can bypass such situations. Well, on the other hand if the prices drop, your financial situation should be such that you can have the luxury (or flexibility) of waiting until the market recovers so that you can make a sale.

The reason for explaining this is, when markets fluctuate, mainly when markets drop, the first thing people want to do is sell recreational property. This is the time when buyers get a good deal. But, do you want to be in a position where you have to compromise the price of your investment?

Well, you could actually get great deals for recreational properties when the markets flourish.

Check the future of your property

Do a thorough research on the future of your property. For example, you can check the surroundings. Will the property have the same value twenty years from now? Will your property’s price be affected by the neighboring resort disappears after some years?

Research a property that has been passed down through a family

There could be some disputes around these kind of properties such as the boundaries and the lack of documented agreements in the past when word of mouth was taken.

Value for your investments

Some people buy recreational properties to rent it for those on vacations, and some buy them to get away and spend time with their loved ones and families while on vacations. Well, which ever reason you decide to buy for, make sure that you aren’t just lured by the beauty of the lake view cabin – make sure you pay attention to all the other details and not buy all the ‘issues’ that come along with it.

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