Live life by the beach, in the city – Yaletown’s Most Prominent Building- Vancouver House


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Vancouver House - Beach District

Sunset-framed beaches, and the unfurling ocean and mountain diorama – Vancouver is truly a place filled with beauty. Apart from its natural charm, today, it also has an astonishing backdrop of spectacular glass towered buildings that sets it apart. Yaletown is just the start, and Howe Street is the highlight with a lot of new developments in the near future.

If you are looking at a home sweet home for your family or a great investment – checking out the Vancouver House Listings is the first place you would want to look at. Along with the snow-dusted mountains, you get a good peek into the modern times as well. A perfect blend of beach life and mountain adventures, this location could be the perfect place for you and your family.

Naz Properties is pleased to announce a rare opportunity at the spectacular Vancouver House situated in the active waterfront – the ‘Beach District’.

Vancouver House Listing - Beach District
Vancouver House Listing - Beach District Bathrooms

• It is the most prominent signature building designed by the worlds famous “BjarkeIngels Group” in conjunction with a leading developer, West Bank.
• It’s also the ‘must have’ home in the architects most desirable.
• The highlight of this property is that it has an unobstructed view of Granville Island, to the west all of Point Grey and English Bay out to the Pacific Ocean, and eastwards to False Creek and Mount Baker! Simply spectacular to look at!
• With 2100 Sq. Ft of indoor living, and 600 Sq. Ft of outdoors wrapped around patio living consistent of 3 large bdrms and 5 btrms.
• The estate finishing is over the top and additional upgrades, including a large flex room that can be used as en-suite storage.
• Some of the other highlights of the place are – Boffi Kitchen, Sculptured Island, full height wine fridge, Oak Herringbone flooring, dual electric blinds, and privet elevators for the Estate units Amenities include a pool, library, fitness center and a fleet of BMW’s. 2 car private garage.

This elegantly designed place is a tower of perfection from the design and beauty standpoint. This is an assignment and to projects estimated completion dates is spring 2019. One glimpse at this opportunity will make you fall in love with it. The spacious interiors and extended outdoors makes it simply a thing to possess. Above all, this is one of those opportunities that knocks rarely and is definitely one not to be missed!

For more information on this property all you need to do is contact us.

Ultra Luxurious Living in Chartwell – Check Out Our Latest Listings


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Panoramic Views of Downtown Vancouver

A beautiful home by the ocean that also overlooks a beautiful city – too good to be true? Style, luxury and the charm of the ‘view’ from the window – everything decides your overall quality of living. Well, if beauty and style is what you are looking for, we have the most exclusive properties listed and our experts can guide you through your journey in selecting a home sweet home that reflects ‘you’.

The most recent on our list is in Chartwell, one of the most sought after locations in Vancouver.

This ultra luxurious property is intricately designed to captivate the most serene qualities of life in West Vancouver. While you experience it in person with our experts to guide you, you will truly see the difference in the depth of quality and a new standard of living that it exudes.

With an unprecedented and surreal view of the ocean, this property has all the modern amenities that one could wish for. The interiors are luxuriously decorated and exteriors reflect an unprecedented perfection that instantly appeal to your eyes. The view of the ocean makes this property even more stunning to look at.

Here are some of the features of this property:1335 CHARTWELL DRIVE - West Vancouver1335 CHARTWELL DRIVE - West Vancouver

1335 CHARTWELL DRIVE - West Vancouver

PANORAMIC VIEW of downtown – a view that is magical with all the city lights twinkling in the night sky.
• Vicinity of the Lions Gate Bridge, Spanish Banks and the Vancouver Island.
• It is a spectacular private view estate, one of the largest lots in the Prestigious British Properties (Chartwell).
• This masterfully designed residence exudes European Tuscan charm & luxury living in the sought after Chartwell area.
• A south facing, over half acre lot (23,465 sqft) offers 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in a fully renovated 3258sqft of one level living at its best.
• Once you set foot in this beautifully landscaped, sun drenched home, you will completely fall in love with it – indoors and outdoors!
• The breathtaking views and the fabulous location are the highlights of this beautiful home.

Naz Properties presents Vancouver Real Estate Listings for you and will gladly walk you through to experience the luxury, beauty and style. As you walk from outdoors to indoors you will see that the property has more than just traditional beauty – it’s also a style statement with all the modern amenities.

If you were looking for a home that is set against a beautiful backdrop of the deep blue oceans and bright blue skies – along with a stylish living – Naz properties will be delighted to show you around the property! Contact us today at

For An Elevated – Luxurious Lifestyle….


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Vancouver House project for sale

Your lifestyle is influenced by the home you live in. The location matters too! Who does not dream of a luxurious living? Who does not wish that their home had that enchanting look – and was located by the ocean? Well, our recent property listings have exactly all of this.

With an unobstructed ocean view and a clear city view, this property looks absolutely stunning. It is surrounded by exquisitely landscaped front and back yards and is one of the luxurious masterpieces located in the prestigious area of Chartwell. With lavish exteriors and well finished interiors, you can expect nothing less than luxury! The entire house is designed to maximize the picturesque views of the ocean, the skies and the beautiful city of Vancouver.

Open and comfortable living spaces designed with modern sensibility exude a sense of warmth and comfort. It is also located in the vicinity of the top rated schools, shopping areas golf courses and the skiing hill too. It offers you with the highest standard of living imaginable!

Here are some of the highlights of this property:

Panoramic 180 degree

Panoramic 180 degree - Vancouver House project for sale

Panoramic 180 degree - Vancouver House project for sale

Panoramic 180 degree view of downtown. It also overlooks the Lions Gate Bridge, Spanish Banks and Vancouver Island.
• It is one of the largest in the prestigious British Properties (Chartwell) and the indoors and outdoors are intricately designed to reflect a stylish living.
• It is luxuriously designed to reflect a European Tuscan charm that makes it look exclusive.
• The property features a perfectly sun drenched family room, a beautiful patio and charming outdoors.
• Located in the most sought after Chartwell area, this is a south facing half acre lot and offers 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in a one level living.

From the moment you enter this wonderfully landscaped, luxuriously designed home, you will fall in love with – everything about it – the floors, the ceiling, the windows, the open spaces and all the little things that complete the picture. It represents a fabulous indoor and outdoor living along with the breathtaking views that grip your eye!

Naz Properties takes pride in presenting this real estate for you to take a look at and feel the luxury while you traverse from one room to another, from the indoor areas to outdoors and let your eyes rest on the breathtaking view of the ocean. There are a multitude of details – beyond what meets the eye – and our experts with guide you through this journey and help you understand every aspect and every detail.

If you were dreaming of exactly this kind of luxurious living – Contact for further details!

Tough decision – to buy a resale or a presale home?



Done a lot of brainstorming and have read a lot of tips on buying a home for your family? Well, do not fret, it’s quite a tricky decision in itself! The very first debate is – whether to look for resale properties or presale ones! It’s not like you can change your decision later on. It’s something that you will live in and experience for a long time – so the decision must be taken with care. So, what will it be? Buy a resale home through a realtor or walk to a developer’s sales center and buy a brand new one?

Here are a few pros and cons that will help you with your decision:

Resale homes

Resale homes are usually cheaper per square foot than a new home. Well, resale homes are already built, so you can see the exact home that you would want to buy. You can imagine your life there as soon as you step in. There will be no nasty surprises later on with regards to the ‘imagined space’, feel and views. The best part of buying a resale home is that there is no waiting. You buy it and you can move in at your earliest possible convenience. What you see is what you get! Although it’s a good idea to get it inspected from professionals.

Well, on the downside, a resale home has already been lived in and so, it’s unlikely that the units’ fixtures and fittings will be brand new. So, the wear and tear might kick in sooner. The building will not be brand new either. This ultimately circles back to added maintenance costs for the new owners.

Presale homes

With presale homes, you get a brand new home which is in top condition and will definitely be under the New Home Warranty. New homes are built with the latest trends and have great amenities and the latest features. Since it not yet built, you have an option to make customizations as per your preference (and within the developer’s limits).

On the downside, new homes are always more desirable, which means that they tend to cost more than resale homes per square foot. Well, it’s not yet built and there could be a long waiting period. Also, the developer can show you only the floor plan and a model before it is actually built. Sometimes, all this adds up quite differently in our imagination than what it actually turns out to be. So, you do not know what it finally will look like. There is a lot of paperwork and you will need to do a lot of research to ensure that you get what you are paying for.

Well, whether you decide to purchase a resale home or a presale home, it’s important that you work with a real estate agent to ensure that you have all the data at hand before you make this life changing decision of your life. An experienced realtor could help you get exactly what you can afford and with all the amenities you want!

Whether you choose a resale or presale home, Feel free to visit us visit Naz Allahyari – Vancouver Realtor’s website.

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Buying a new home? Make sure that you understand your wants, needs and ‘must haves’!



Buying a new home for your family is a big decision. Well, the process of viewing properties and matching them to your ‘wants’ and ‘must haves’ is quite an exciting experience. It’s but natural to focus on the space, the location and the weather and check whether it all works for you!

To begin with, it’s important to have a list of your needs and wants in terms of the size of the house, the number of rooms and outdoor space (if any). Along with all this, it is important to also make a list of things that you absolutely do not want in your new home. So that while you view properties, you can look for any red flags that could be enough to cross it off your list.

Here are a few tips to consider:

What about Condos?

If you are out in the real estate market looking for condos, there is always a lot of information available in the strata documents. It’s important to note that you must not always rely on the information there – a visual inspection is always a good idea. Check whether the property has rain screened exterior – for starters. If the house has a lot of existing possessions, look for signs of wear and tear etc. The idea is to look whether there have been any cover-ups to increase the price unnecessarily.

Things to look out for in town homes

The one thing you need to really take a close look at with town houses is the condition of the common areas. These usually include the fencing that surrounds the units. This reveals how the strata – handles the maintenance. Check the inside of the house and inspect every element carefully.

Top considerations for detached homes

The very first thing to check here is – whether the listing description matches the property you are actually looking at. Well, what exactly should you be looking for? The answer is whether there are any illegal suites and additions. Especially with the Vancouver Special style of homes, there are often two to three suites.

Attending an open house?

Open houses are a great place to get a whole list of properties that are for sale. You could also get acquainted with the owner or the current tenant at such open houses that could ease your investigation and enable you to ask questions to aid your selection process.

Well, it’s important that you keep a list of what you need in your house and what elements could be an added bonus. Start with the basic requirements such as budget and number of rooms. Moving further to special features such as garage, single storey or multi storey, basement etc. you can look at the luxury features in the end – such as wooden flooring, granite counters etc. Well, if you are moving in with your family other aspects of daily life also need to factor in the neighborhood, the nearby schools, parks, vicinity to local transport, convenient local shopping and such other important factors!

Naz Allahyari knows the Vancouver Real Estate market inside and out. As a Vancouver Real Estate Agent provide the expert advice and guidance you need when buying a new home from a builder.

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What are BC home hunters looking for when they purchase a home?




Different people prefer different things and especially when selecting a home sweet home to live in for the rest of your lives, priorities change. It’s not always only the price of the house that matters. Surely, some people priorities the size, the number o bedrooms, the location and lots of such things.

According to a survey, the key home features that BC residents are currently looking for is outdoor space – of course within a specified price range! 65% responded that outdoor living spaces were just as important – whether it was a small yard or just a simple balcony. Over 55% had their priorities set on the number of bedrooms and 52% made their decisions based on the overall square footage. Well, 51% also included location based features such as whether the home is at a walking distance from the most common amenities.

Here are the most important features that home buyers are currently considering before they make a purchase in BC:


Cost of housing – This is almost always the first priority on the list. Once the cost of the housing suits budget constraints, all other criteria can be checked and worked upon.

Private outdoor space – This criterion seems to be growing in popularity over the past few years. Outdoor spaces are an interesting addition to your lifestyles.

Number of bedrooms – This usually is a criteria for growing families and families with kids. The number of bedrooms needs to be considered.

Overall square footage – the size of the house could contribute to the living experience. Well, no one wants to live in a place where you feel like the walls are closing in!

Storage space – The amount of storage space is being considered as a criterion for a number of home buyers in BC.

Walking distance to the most common amenities – Shopping centers and malls at a walking distance means a lot to some home buyers.

Garage or indoor parking – Well, many families care about a proper parking space while purchasing a home in BC.

Pet friendly – A pet friendly neighborhood is on the top priority for those who already have a pet and are planning to move or for those who plan on buying a pet in the near future.

Reputation of the developer – Checking out the reputation of the developer seems to be an increasing trend in BC before buying a house. Home buyers contact agents and do their research before making a buying decision.

Access to public transit and proximity to work – this decides how convenient their lifestyle is going to be. This has been an increasingly important factor for a number of home buyers.

Priorities often decide the type of house people select and there could be certain tradeoffs there. For example, proximity to amenities and work could mean a smaller home or a spacious outdoor area could be far away from work. Finding the right balance for families to live comfortably is the key to selecting a home in BC.

Want to buy a home in Vancouver?, Naz Allahyari has been one of the most leading residential Realtors in Vancouver West and North Shore Real Estate

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B-lenders – What are they and what should you know before you buy a home in BC




Mortgage lenders or alternative lending agencies could be the ‘go to’ people for some buying a home in BC. Canada’s mortgage regulations have changed recently and Vancouver’s real estate market seems to have taken a big turn. B-lenders have regained their popularity and are especially seen as a ray of hope for those new businesses that are unable to show two years of reported income and those with damaged credit.

A classic example of when B-lenders come into picture is when the business is new. Even if the owner has excellent credit and good revenue, but is unable to show enough income history to appeal to the lenders, traditional lenders will take little interest in doing business with this business. B-lenders however can help at this point.

B-lenders are not for ever

With any kind of mortgage, always remember that nothing is forever. This can have both positive and negative outcomes when it comes to renegotiations. The repayment time for loans taken from B-lenders is anywhere between two to three years. When you are up for renewal, talk to your mortgage broker and search for the best mortgage products including rates that suit your situation. New business owners can consider the income they are reporting and if you are able to produce the financial statements for the past two years, it is advisable that you go to the traditional lenders.

A changing mortgage market

The real estate world is changing and so is the economic landscape. A large number of Canadians are self employed. It is also a fact that the B-lenders usually have higher fees and also charge higher interest rates. Most of the times, with such loans a larger down payment is also required. The b-lenders are usually not interested in the income levels, but the returns and probably the property itself.

These alternate mortgage lenders are usually willing to look at each situation on a case by case basis. They have their own criteria to be fulfilled – but are willing to look at the overall story rather than pure statistics. The rates are usually high since your borrower profile is considered as more risky than average. So, if you are considering a B-lender, make sure that you understand that along with a higher down payment, the rate at which you pay back will be higher too. Plus the term will be short.

Finally, it’s also important to understand that B-lenders have very strict rules about repayments. You need to be diligent about paying on time. If for some reason you aren’t able to pay in time, make sure that you discuss with them and renegotiate the terms and help you solve any pressing issues.

Well, it’s always preferred that you go by the traditional means of borrowing when it comes to real estate. But if circumstances demand, you can always choose alternative lenders – and if you do decide to go that way, make sure that you abide by the initially negotiated rules of payments!

West Vancouver Real Estate with Naz Allahyari, top performing real estate agent specializing in homes for sale in the Vancouver Westside, Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and as well as condos in Downtown Vancouver.

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All You Need To Know About Vancouver Home Sales, Listings and Benchmark Prices


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Vancouver Home Sales

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) released statistics that show that the beginning of the year 2017 had a lukewarm start in the real estate market as compared to what it was in the January of 2016. Last year saw record breaking sales in the beginning of the year. That said, there was a flurry of new home listings that led to increased number of home purchases – especially due to the sliding rates. The home buying trend has balanced the market this year. Overall, the composite bench mark price was 15.6 per cent higher than that is January 2016.

It is a known fact that the conditions in the market vary according to the property type. At the moment, the condominium and town home markets are more active than the detached home market. The prices for town home and condominium markets stayed steady for quite a long time.

Sales and Listings
Whether it was the New Year motivation, or the potentially falling values for homes, the January of 2017 saw a rush of new home listings and over four thousand homes. This is more than three times of the listings seen in the December of last year. January sales are lower than the previous month, but they reflect the closure and board registration of purchases that were made during the holiday season. There is a lot of inventory in the market as mentioned earlier, and the current listings in Greater Vancouver are over seven thousand with a whopping 9.1 per cent increase as compared to January 2016. And a whopping 14.1 per cent increase as compared to December 2016. The good news is that the current sales to active listings ratio is brought closer towards balanced market conditions.

Benchmark Prices
When it comes to benchmark prices, it’s important to note that the Metro Vancouver single family home benchmark price increased 15.8 per cent over January 2016 and dropped 0.6 per cent as compared to December. This property type has been driving the price decline and detached houses are now priced at 6.6 per cent less than what they were six months ago – a good time to buy!

Town houses remain in demand as always and the benchmark price of an attached home saw the biggest year over year rise and is up by 19.9 per cent.

Furthermore, condo-apartment prices saw a steady rise of 15.6 per cent year over year and 0.3 per cent over the past six months and 0.4 per cent from December 2016.

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The BC Government Down Payment Loan – Should You Take It?


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buy home in Vancouver

The new loan program launched by the BC government -for first time home buyers, created room for a lot of debate. Premier Clark announced on December 15th, 2016 that first time home buyers were eligible for a down payment loan which is interest free for five years. This will be registered as a second mortgage on your home.

The debate
This announcement created a storm in the real estate market and economists are busy debating whether this is a good move or bad. Their logic is that this policy will encourage the already stretched home buyers to borrow even more money to put down less down payment than they otherwise might have – and in turn burden the tax payer in the process.

Some others argue that this policy increases prices and stimulates demands without improving the supply. The third point put forth is that the rise in the interest rates could mean a widespread repayment crisis after five years when the loan repayments kick in.

On the other hand, those in the real estate development industry are totally in support for the policy. After all the criticism over the federal policy to change the mortgage qualification rules and stress test buyers, who have less than 20 percent down payment cutting their buying power considerably and meaning some can’t enter the market at all. The BC program is an attempt to redress that balance and give those buyers some purchasing power and help them get a foot on the property ladder.

So, should you actually take the loan?

The most important thing to consider here is whether it is a good idea to take advantage of this loan or not. The answer is simple, the math is simple too. But, the final decision depends on your own financial situation. The new government loan is definitely cheap money and could empower you to buy that home you always dreamed of – plus it will reduce your stress over the first five years where buyers usually feel most stretched.

It is especially beneficial for those buyers who are on the cusp of raising the 20% down payment. They can easily borrow the remaining amount from the five percent down payment loan. Another way to look at it is that it is easier to raise a smaller down payment and take advantage of this loan. It is however a good idea to consult a mortgage expert or someone knowledgeable in the real estate market to ensure that you do not have a pitfall in the process.

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Everything you need to know about getting a mortgage in 2017




If you are thinking of buying a home in 2017, here are a few essentials that you need to know about getting a mortgage. Get to know the basics of lending requirements, down payments, loans and qualifications here.

What is the minimum down payment for a home in BC?

For someone who is fully income qualified, the minimum down payment is five percent. However, if the purchase price of the property is over $500K, a minimum down payment of five percent is required for the first $500K and a minimum of ten percent for the remaining amount. Other than that, those who are self employed with stated income are looking at a minimum ten percent down payment, no matter what the sale – price is. Well, anyone with a poor credit or non-verifiable source of income will need to look at alternative lending sources and a minimum of 25% down payment.

Where can my down payment come from?

Well, the primary source of funding your down payment could be your savings or inheritance. Another option, especially for the first time buyers is the Home Buyer’s Plan. Also remember that for first time buyers, there is a property transfer tax (PTT) exemption for those buying homes up to a value of $475K.

For those who are self employed, and who choose to state their income, at least half of the 10 percent down payment will need to come from your own source. The other clause is that you will need to be in the same business for at least two years or beyond that. You must also be able to show a two-year average of NOA income and two years of taxes filed as a business.

If your business is less than two years old, you can still be able to obtain a mortgage from a B lender. However, if you select this route, you will need bank statements for at least one year and other related documentation. The income you state must also be reasonable enough for the property you wish to purchase.

What about the new BC government down payment loan program for first time buyers?

This program was introduced in the December of 2016. It helps the first time buyers to get into the real estate market. It is essentially an interest free loan from the government for the first five years.

What is the maximum amortization on a mortgage?

The maximum amortization on an insured or insurable mortgage is usually 25 years. If the mortgage is not insured, it is 30 years.

If I am here on a work visa, can I get a mortgage?

For those on a work visa, you will be required to pay a 10 per cent down payment on an insured mortgage and for a non-insured mortgage; you will need to pay 35 per cent. The new foreign buyer’s tax of 15% will be additional.

Why is it important to speak to a broker?

A mortgage broker could be of help especially if you are buying for the first time. It will help you with getting it right.

Find Mortgage Calculator in Vancouver at

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